Antonio J. Calero Ventura

Antonio J. Calero, known in the biker scene as Antonio Purasangre, has been passionate about motorcycles since he was a child, about gastronomy, culture, travel, and preparing them thoroughly to make the most of them since his beginnings in the biker world. .

This book is the product of the passion of some bikers who, with enthusiasm and effort to make their land known; Andalusia, they want to make the visit easier for those who decide to come and enjoy it. Giving them a tool to comfortably organize their trip along it, following the established route or so that they can ride on it, their own, according to their tastes or needs.

If you travel The Great Andalusian Motorcycle Route, you will discover tourist Andalusia. The most famous, but you will also discover the interior Andalusia, that of the towns, its noble people and its mountain landscapes, where is the essence of a very welcoming and beautiful land. A land through which many civilizations have passed, due to its unbeatable strategic location, and which have left part of their legacy reaching our days.

We want the traveler to not only enjoy the stops or places where they spend the night, but also the route, each curve, each road between pine forests or cork oaks, each landscape, the different ports that the route passes through, etc. .

Having said all this, I hope and wish that you enjoy Andalusia, as much as we have done preparing this Great Andalusian Motorcycle Route.

And as I usually say:

Travel, travel friends! And if it's on a motorcycle, even better!