This book; The Great Andalusian Motorcycle Route seeks to capture the essence of Andalusia for travelers in general and Bikers in particular, since the itinerary along which it runs can be done with all types of vehicles. The 3,510 km circular route of the Great Andalusian Motorcycle Route is divided into 11 stages, and leads to the most impressive sites in the region. In addition, the book is complemented with detailed information about each road, town, point of interest and anecdotes from the authors. This Great Andalusian Motorcycle Route offers the traveler the most beautiful of Andalusia, from the best known to the most hidden corners.

The Great Andalusian Motorcycle Route

In the book you will find the route marked on maps, and by sections. As well as the QR codes, which will take you to the route in My Maps format - from Google Maps - where the points of interest to see are indicated. You can obtain the files in GPX format to put them in your GPS navigator.

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